Shaiya Patchlog - Maintenance and Update 02.06.2021

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Shaiya Patchlog - Maintenance and Update 02.06.2021

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Shaiya Patchlog

Dear Shaiya players,

Maintenance Date 02.06.2021 Clock: 11 A.M. CEST.

Update Notes
  • The characters outside the level limits in Proelium, Cantabilian and Deep Desert 1 will be removed from the map.
  • The Infinite Sanctuary (Core) can now be entered without a white screen error when using the English Client in the game.
  • Some pets given for beginners can no longer be traded.
  • Ocean Wings Lv.61 can be recreated from one statistic to 10 with the normal Recreation Rune.
  • To use Account Faction Change, all characters on an account must have left their guilds.
  • Luminous Armor Token has been made to a change of explanation with the English Client of the game.
  • Characters on the Stadium and Deep Desert 1 maps will respawn on these maps when they die.
  • Teleporting Stone, Movement Rune, Skill Reset Stone, and Stat Reset Stone can no longer be used while characters are performing attack animations.
  • The last message in the conversation will not be deleted when mounted or unmounted.
  • Changed the visibility of character points on the mini map, only points on the same side are visible on the map.
  • Fixed the definitions of 24h, 7d and 15d battle runes in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English clients.
  • Fixed bug where multiple entries with the same character were allowed during GRB.
  • Party Member Summon Rune description has been updated.
  • Crowly Mount Dye will tint more than now.
  • Crowly Armor Dye will no longer dye wings.

Fixes and Changes
  • All online players will be notified by an announcement when certain bosses are killed.
  • The Random Object Option window will now display an item's currently applied orange statistics.
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