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Shaiya Fighter & Warrior Overview

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Shaiya Fighter Shaiya Fighter Shaiya Warrior Shaiya Warrior
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Fighter & Warrior:
  • They are standard melee characters.
  • Fighter and Warrior gain +1 STR per level.
  • They are the dps characters of the game.
  • Ultimate mode(UM) has extra skills compared to normal mode(NM-HM).
    • Stamina Conversion
    • Berserker's Rage
    • Deadly Shock

Beginning Stats:
  • STR: 16
  • REC: 11
  • INT: 8
  • WIS: 7
  • DEX: 12
  • LUC: 15

  • Spear
  • Two handed Sword (Fighter) - Two handed Axe (Warrior) --> Shield cannot be used with these.
  • Sharpen Weapon: One handed Sword (Fighter) - One handed Axe (Warrior)
  • Dual Weapon: Dual Swords (Fighter) - Dual Axes (Warrior)
  • Heavy Weapon: One handed Blunt
  • Shield

  • Heavy Armor (High physical def - Low magic def)

  • They are the most preferred classes as they deal a lot of burst damage.
  • They can farm and level up by themselves.
  • They have few skills so they don't have skill point issues.

  • Their equipment is very expensive.
  • Since it is a close range character, it can take a large amount of damage until it gets close to long range characters.
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