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Shaiya Archer & Hunter Overview

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Shaiya Archer Shaiya Archer Shaiya Hunter Shaiya Hunter
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Archer & Hunter:
  • Archer and Hunter are a ranged and fast attacking class in the game.
  • Archer and Hunter gain +1 LUC per level.
  • They are the classes that are generally preferred in PvE for farming, but also used in PvP.
  • Ultimate mode(UM) has extra skills compared to normal mode(NM-HM).
    • Flash Attack
    • Magic Dodge

Beginning Stats:
  • STR: 13
  • REC: 12
  • INT: 7
  • WIS: 10
  • DEX: 14
  • LUC: 19

  • Bow
  • Cross Bow (Archer) - Throwing Bow (Hunter)
  • One handed sword (Archer) -Dual weapon (Hunter)

  • Medium Armor (Medium physical def - Medium magic def)

  • Unlike Mages and Pagans, their skills don't have a cast time.
  • They have level 1 weapon ele skills.
  • They don't need other people to level up and farm.
  • They have more hp and defense than mage/pagan and priest/oracle. They don't die instantly in PvP.

  • Archer and Hunter's damage at close range is reduced.
  • +1 LUC has become unimportant with the new system.
  • Objects in the game can block their auto attacks. So they must either jump or get close to the target.
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