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Shaiya Mage & Pagan Overview

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Shaiya Mage Shaiya Mage Shaiya Pagan Shaiya Pagan
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Mage & Pagan:
  • Mage and Pagan use single-target or area-effect skills to destroy their enemies.
  • Mage and Pagan gain +1 INT per level.
  • They have the highest damage of the game.
  • Ultimate mode(UM) has extra skills compared to normal mode(NM-HM).
    • Magic Mask
    • Arcane Aura

Beginning Stats:
  • STR: 8
  • REC: 9
  • INT: 17
  • WIS: 14
  • DEX: 9
  • LUC: 12

  • Dagger
  • Staff

  • Light Armor (Low physical def - High magic def)

  • They have elemental skills. (Fire, Earth, Wind)
  • Each element has its own characteristics.
    • Fire: Even after hitting, it continues to burn the enemy's HP.
    • Earth: Stuns the enemy
    • Wind: Slows down the enemy.
  • They have the skill to kill after certain minutes if not dispelled.
  • They have the most damaging area skill in the game.

  • Skills with cast time are difficult to use. Especially impossible in PvP.
  • Skill points may not be enough because they have too many skills.
  • Mage and Pagan have very low defenses.
  • They die easily in PvP.
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