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Shaiya GRB

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Shaiya GRB Map
  • Portal 1 > Portal 2
  • Portal 3 > Portal 4
  • Portal 4 > Portal 5

What is GRB ?
  • Guild Ranking Battle (GRB) is a weekly event held every Saturday at 11:00 on the Server Clock (in game) allowing guilds to collect ranking points and obtain Etin from them by killing mobs and bosses on a battlefield
  • GRB Duration= 1 Hour

How can I enter the GRB map ?
  • Guild Management gatekeeper can be found; Reikeuseu and Erina (Map 1)

GRB Areas and Points
  • 1-15: Each Monster = 2 Points
    • Boss Sirvana = 3500 Points (100 Etin)

  • 16-30: Each Monster = 3 Points
    • Boss Kailion = 3000 Points (100 Etin)
    • Boss Silvanus = 2000 Points (100 Etin)

  • 31-80: Each Monster = 1 Point
    • Boss Pantera = 4000 Points (100 Etin)
    • Boss Eiphilos = 3000 Points (100 Etin)
    • Boss Old Willow = 10 000 Points (1100 Etin)

  • Total Bosses Point = 25 500 Points
  • Total Etin from bosses = 1600

GRB Rewards
  • Special title for 1st and 2nd Guilds
  • GRB Gift Package = 1st and 2nd Guilds, plus 3 random Guilds (1 from 3rd and 10th - 1 from 11rd and 20th - 1 from 21rd and 30th)
    • Note: These gifts are sent to the Guild leader's warehouse
    • GRB Gift Package = 250x Etain - 250x Party Member Summon Rune - 250x Movement Rune - 100x Warehouse Summoning Rune - 250x Guild House Teleport Stone - 100x Crest of Rectutide

Title of the 1st and 2nd guild
GRB Gift Package:
  • 250x Etain
  • 250x Party Member Summon Rune
  • 250x Movement Rune
  • 250x Guild House Teleport Stone
  • 100x Warehouse Summoning Rune
  • 100x Crest of Rectutide

GRB Tactics (Progress)
  • 1-15:
    • There is a boss in this area. You can kill this boss with a good pvp set. Also 80 Priest buffs will help you kill the boss
    • If you don't have a nice pvp set you can go in with a priest
    • Player at 1-15 have to kill Sirvana(Boss) to open the Portal 1. Then If they want to help their friends, They can go to 16-30 area

  • 16-30:
    • There are 2 Bossses in this area. You should definitely have a good set. It can be difficult to kill alone. It may be more beneficial to enter with a priest. Also don't forget the 80 priest buffs
    • Player at 16-30 have to kill Silvanus (2nd Boss) to open the Portal 3.Then they should go to back for Kailion (1st Boss). If there is time and the boss at 1-15 is not kill, they can go to 1-15 area for Sirvana.

  • 31-80:
    • There are 3 Bosses in this area. This area depends on whether low lvl bosses are kill or not. Portals won't open unless low level bosses(Sirvana - Silvanus) are killed
    • You can kill bosses with 80 lvl normal set (Like a Bright Set).
    • You must kill the Pantera (1st Boss) in the area. When portals open, you must kill Eiphilos (2nd Boss).Portal 4 opens when Eiphilos is killed
    • From Portal 4 to Portal 5, you can go to Old Willow (Last Boss).

  • If you die in the GRB, It will be removed from the GRB and you will find yourself in the Guild Management Office.
  • Priest can resurrect you inside.
  • If you do not enter GRB, you will not be able to rank.
  • GRB ranking will be updated 30 mins after GRB ends
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