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Shaiya Summer Gift Code

Post by Maleficent »

Shaiya Easter Present

:calisiyor Voucher Code: ShaiyaSummerGift

x15 Resim Teleportation Stone
Activates Recorded Point window in which you can save map points or move to saved map points. Cannot use to move to dungeons or level restricted area.

x15 Resim Movement Rune
Makes the user move to a party member's point. Does not work in some borderlands.

x15 Resim Party Member Summon Rune
Summons a party member to the user's point. Does not work in some borderlands. Item will be consumed if the summoned person is using skill or being attacked.

x1 Resim Small Prevent of Item Drop
Prevents items in Inventory from dropping for 7 days, even when character dies. It will still be effective even after dying. Restricted to characters currently in use. <Cannot be traded>

x1 Resim 7D Res Rune (NT)
7 days version of the Continuous Resurrection Rune for Ultimate mode characters. Resurrect yourself with 50% of HP, SP, MP. This item must be activated beforehand to take effect!! <Cannot be traded>

x1 Resim 30d Double Warehouse (NT)
Doubles the warehouse size for 30 days on this character ONLY. After 30 days, items can still be seen but not removed from the warehouse until used again. <Cannot be traded>

x20 Resim Etain Potion
Restores HP, SP, and MP by 75%.

x5 Resim Dungeon Scroll (One Use)
Will reveal the dungeon minimap when used.

x1 Resim (SP) Golden Blade (7d)
Be a blade of gold, be a sickle of fire.
[Duration: 7 days. All stats +15, character-bound.]

x1 Resim Lucky Pig (7d)
Pigs are intelligent, emotional, and sensitive souls. As an old saying goes, pigs are a symbol of prosperity and lots of luck.
[Duration: 7 days. This pet will automatically collect items and gold for you. All stats +10, character-bound.]

x1 Resim Flaming Star (7d)
We are not always what we seem, and hardly ever what we dream.
[Duration: 7 days, character-bound.]

x20 Resim Regnum Potion (NT)
Brand new Potion that restores 50% of max. HP/SP/MP.
[Cannot be traded.]
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