Shaiya Valentine's Day Gift Code

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Shaiya Valentine's Day Gift Code

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Shaiya Valentine Day

Use the voucher code below and get some amazing items you will absolutely LOVE!

Such as 30 day Wedding Costume, [SP] Brownie pet and Pink Pearl mount, and some Regnum and Etain Potions. Brownie will help you pick up your items and gold too!

:calisiyor Voucher Code: SYVALENTINE22

x1 Resim [SP] Brownie (30d)
An adorable brown teddybear who automatically loots gold and items for you like a fuzzy little bank robber. All stats +10
[Duration: 30 days - Character-bound]

x1 Resim Wedding Costume (30d)
Exquisite clothes for your wedding day. May the memories last a lifetime! (Duration: 30 days, - Character-bound)

x1 Resim Pink Pearl (30d)
Unicorns don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you. [Duration: 30 days, character-bound.]

x5 Resim Regnum Potion (NT)
Brand new Potion that restores 50% of max. HP/SP/MP. [Cannot be traded.]

x5 Resim [SP] Etain Potion
Restores HP, SP, and MP by 75 percent.
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